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Mastering the Terrain: Market Knowledge Tips for Todays Agents

As a commercial realtor or agent, take steps to learn local market trends and retain that market knowledge in commercial and retail property sales. That information will be useful during your real estate activity’s listing and presentation stages. Use that information to your full benefit. Property information and trends are valuable. Property market trends will […]

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Reviving Your Listing Strategy in Real Estate

Conversations create new business, and that is precisely how commercial real estate brokerage works. The more you can start conversations as an agent, the more you will find listings and fresh new business. Real estate brokerage is not unique in that basic business rule, yet some agents forget or do not focus enough on implementing […]


Unleashing Potential: Examining Sales Tactics in Commercial Real Estate

Winning commercial real estate listings is a concept-based practice centred on systems. A ‘random’ approach in real estate brokerage sales or leasing doesn’t work today. Here is a crucial question. Do you want to ‘thrive’ as an agent in your location? Concentrate on connecting with property owners, and base your business week and diary around […]

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Around the Clock Listing Strategies for Agents

The listing and marketing of a commercial, industrial, or retail property should be superior in every way to what your competition is offering. There is plenty of competition in commercial real estate today. Are you ready to win some listings? Strive to be better and different in the services that you offer. Any agent can put […]

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How to Grow Listing Inventory Faster

Listings are the beginning of everything in commercial real estate brokerage.  It doesn’t matter whether you work as an agent in sales or leasing today, the listings that you find, convert, and control are critical to the growth of your client base and your real estate business over time. It takes some agents a while […]

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Terrific and Simple Ideas for More Commercial Listings Today

There are plenty of commercial real estate listings out there today. It’s just that the property market has changed, and we need to adjust it to that. There are plenty of people out there thinking about their next purchase, their sales situation, and potential values for any potential sale. The commercial property market is now […]


How to Attract or Find More Listings in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

So how can you find some new listings for your real estate business? Any as part of that, how can they be ‘better quality’ listings; the ones that pull in the enquiry? The key to the process is in taking action every day; that is an action that is devoted to finding the property leads, […]


Exclusive Commercial Property Listings Are Easily in Reach

The exclusive listing process is quite special in that it gives you control of your market, your client’s property transaction, and can help you boost your transaction conversions. All that leads to improved chances of enquiry, inspections, and shorter time on the market. In this special commercial real estate sales report by John Highman, you […]


Things I Have Learnt About Curiosity in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When you look into things in Commercial Real Estate, you can find the factors of change that will be a listing or an opportunity in the future.  When you are looking for new clients or properties to sell or lease, be curious and ask plenty of questions. This special report by John Highman, will help […]


How to List More Commercial Properties for Sale

If you are looking to improve your commercial real estate brokerage business, there are a couple of things to consider from the very start.  The first issue will be who your clients should be, and the other will be where they will be located.  (NB – you can get tips for commercial real estate client […]

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