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There are plenty of commercial real estate listings out there today. It’s just that the property market has changed, and we need to adjust it to that. There are plenty of people out there thinking about their next purchase, their sales situation, and potential values for any potential sale.

The commercial property market is now sitting at the beginning of a new property cycle where there will be plenty of people entering the market over the next 6 to 12 months. Make sure that you are involved in the commercial real estate market now with ideas and activities to capture the clients and the prospects as they solve their commercial real estate challenges and opportunities.

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Opportunities in Relationships

Recognise that there are plenty of investors today looking for their next purchase, and they are simply waiting for listing stock. That means it is a sellers’ market, and the prices will be substantial for the good properties that come to the market today or in the new future.

Use this new property cycle as a stage of momentum to grow your commercial real estate business for the next few years.  Today, this podcast will help you understand how you can position yourself for listing opportunities and greater market penetration.

Take a look at your database and add new people to it each day as they emerge into this new property cycle. Use the ten points outlined in the audio programme to modify your prospecting activities and ongoing business pipeline.

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