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Questions Like These Create Listings

When you work in commercial real estate within an allocated territory, the questions that you ask of new people will help drive your real estate business forward. In today’s podcast, we give you some ideas to consider about leading questions that can help you find the right people who could soon reach a property sale, […]


Clear Cut Questions and Answers to Explore with Your Commercial Real Estate Clients

There are many different concepts and services to be explored with your commercial property clients.  The big and important issue here is that you are experienced enough to probe their property challenges.   In this special report I give you a number of important avenues of new business and commission opportunities to look into. You will […]

Property Presentation Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, you will be pitching and presenting your services to different people and across different properties.  You will not win all of your competitive presentations, but you should win most of them. (NB – you can get more property presentation tips in our Snapshot program right here – its free) Top […]

The Important Facts of Qualifying Tenants and Buyers

In commercial real estate brokerage it is very tempting to work closely with tenants and buyers when it comes to their property activities and requests.  It can even be exciting when you get a new or fresh property enquiry with these people.  That being said, they can also waste a lot of your time particularly […]

Quality Conversations and Key Questions in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Conversations are the foundation of new business opportunity in commercial real estate brokerage.  In any small or seemingly insignificant conversation with a client or prospect, there can be some points of leverage and future property need to tap into. Quality questions help strengthen the flow of a property conversation.  Cross-selling of services can also happen […]

Asking the Right Questions in Commercial Property Presentations

If you are to win a property presentation or listing pitch in a typical sales situation with a commercial real estate client, be prepared for their deep and meaningful questions relating to their property and the market.  The questioning strategy can work in either of two ways and be an advantage for you if you […]


Simple and Effective Qualifying Questions to Put to Commercial Investment Clients

In commercial real estate brokerage, the investment clients that you work with can give you multiple streams of income and commission across sales, purchases, leasing and property management.  The question is, do you have enough investment clients on your database or books now, and are you keeping in regular contact?  More importantly, are you asking […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokers – How to Engage More Prospects in Relevant Conversations

To be really effective as a commercial real estate agent or broker you should be engaging lots of prospects in conversations in a regular and ongoing way.  It’s a requirement for your diary every working day.  From that point of connection with new people you will understand what they are doing now with property and […]


Profiling and Qualifying Decision Makers in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, you will be working with some very diverse and some highly experienced business professionals as your clients.  It is worthwhile profiling them and understanding them from the very start of your real estate relationship. Before I go further here, it is worthwhile noting that some of those business people are […]


Commercial Real Estate Agents – Brainstorm Quality Questions This Way

In commercial real estate agency there is no point in taking the ‘standard approach’ to a client or a property.  If you want to win a listing then many factors come into the communication and presentation process.  It helps if you brainstorm questions in advance that will lead you closer to completing and winning the […]

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