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12 Factors to an Accurate Tenant Mix Report in a Retail Shopping Center

In a shopping center, you have to watch what is happening in the tenant mix, and from that process, there are particular strategies that can be developed to give the mix of retailers some leverage in sales and occupancy.  Ultimately that method of approach can strengthen the asset performance for the landlord. It’s all about […]

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5 Ways to Critically Analyse the Tenant Mix in a Commercial Investment Property

When you take on a commercial or retail investment property with multiple tenants in occupancy it is critical that you get an analysis of the tenant mix done as soon as possible.  You can learn so much in doing so and it can help your client understand what can be done with the property mix […]

Retail Shop Leasing Agents – Educate Yourself Regards Business Types and Trade

If you are involved with shopping centre management or leasing, it is important that you educate yourself specifically regards retail business activity and the differences between particular retail businesses in both customer profiles and potential levels of trade. In any retail economy, some businesses will thrive better than others and that will be due to […]

Shopping Center Management – Tips for Creating the Ideal Tenant Mix and Retail Offering

In retail real estate leasing, the anchor tenants in a shopping center have a great level of appeal in attracting the smaller tenants to the tenant mix.  Choose your anchor tenants wisely and understand what value they bring to the property.  Build you lease marketing campaign around your anchor tenants. So the key question is, […]

Smart Shortcuts to Finding More Retail Tenants to Lease Vacant Premises

Retail shop leasing is a common segment of our industry where you can make good commissions.  In saying that, there are rules to the process and it is important to stay focused on good quality properties and premises. It is a fact that trying to lease smaller shops in stand-alone locations can waste a lot of your […]


A Candid Look at Tenant Mix Analysis

When you are preparing a larger commercial or retail property for sale, it pays to do a tenant mix analysis to see how you can package the property as an investment and attract potential buyers.  Given the state and slowness of some buyers to act on a property sale, the full factors of property performance […]

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