Progress Plan for Real Estate Agents

In commercial real estate and particularly the brokerage part of what we do, the best agents have a progress plan that they can work too. How do they do that? They know that the program is something that takes their efforts forward and that plan is reliable and encouraging. It is time to think about […]


Useful Workflow for Sales Agents

In commercial real estate brokerage today, there are plenty of things that can shift your priorities every day. That is why you need a workflow or planner to keep on track.  The agents that use a workflow process always get better results than the ‘random’ agents of the real estate market. What is the problem […]

Brokerage Marketing

Around the Clock Listing Strategies for Agents

The listing and marketing of a commercial, industrial, or retail property should be superior in every way to what your competition is offering. There is plenty of competition in commercial real estate today. Are you ready to win some listings? Strive to be better and different in the services that you offer. Any agent can put […]

Brokerage Team

Solving a Real Estate Slump Quickly

How do you get control of your real estate business and overcome a slump in enquiry or transaction frequency? The answer is simple and should remain so. Modify the real estate day by focusing on fewer important tasks. Distractions for agents occur every day, and many brokers allow many of those pressures to get the […]


The Best Ways to Sell Your Real Estate Services

How do you pitch your real estate services in this changing market? First, understand the property market in your location for the dynamic changes and then sell your services based on unique solutions. Then, use the market changes to build some deep and direct marketing solutions for your client and their property. Be the Special […]

Brokerage Charts

Discovering New Property Market Trends

There are constant changes in the commercial property market. The prices and rental rates of commercial and retail properties are moving based on the availability and demand for each. It is imperative as agents that we understand and track the property market trends in every town, city, or community. In times like these, a commercial […]

real estate agents shaking hands

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