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In this video today we share a checklist approach to help real estate agents inspect and appraise the sale or leasing opportunities in commercial property. Include these ideas in your property checking process.

There are all types of investment property today. The categories of office, industrial, and retail property are special by nature require a unique focus.

The further you go with your review of facts and situations, you will soon know how to get better real estate enquiries and inspection results for the client. You can then present your ideas.

Survey Your Facts

Where do you start? There are specific facts to investigate here when you list a property. I want to share some remarkable ideas (10) that will help you get to the important points of the property before you take it on as a listing. You can add to the list as required in your location and by property type.

Check Out the Property

There is no point taking on a listing to market it for sale or lease unless you really understand the elements of the property, the real estate clients motivations, and the trends of the market.

These ten (10) specific facts will help you assess and audit the property so you understand how to get the best results in a timely way for the client.

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