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Client Relationship Management System for Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, the client relationships that you establish over time will be the foundation of new business and future lead generation systems. The client relationship system that you develop for yourself will be special and unique, and that will be based on your location, your preferred property types, and the activities of […]


How to Increase Your Commercial Real Estate Sales with Better Business Relationships

In commercial real estate brokerage, the relationships that you strike with local property people, owners, investors, and developers will help you greatly with your market share for the long term.  Understand that fact, and you will know how to improve your real estate business over time.    In one way, you become the ‘local property specialist’.  […]

Why Business Relationships in Commercial Real Estate are Critical to Listings and Commissions

If you want a reasonable commercial real estate brokerage business, it is critical that you think about how you can build some valuable business relationships into the future. Understand the important people in the general location that you can talk to in a meaningful way.  Seek them out and grow your contact systems. It takes […]


Build Strategic Alliances in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage to Create New Business Faster

In commercial real estate brokerage you can build strategic alliances with other industry professionals to help grow your market share and lead generation processes. In saying that, other industry professionals will generally take time to trust you as an industry expert and a person that they would expose or introduce to their clients. You could […]

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Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Profit from Better Clients and Quality Listings

After you have been in the commercial property industry for a short time, you will soon see that the quality of your clients and listings will have a lot to do with your commissions and results.  If you want to profit from your efforts within the market today, take a serious look at your client […]

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