Marketing Solutions That Bring in More Enquiry for Agents

Create more property inquiries and hence, more inspections. That is the message for all agents today. Do more with your marketing efforts and strategies. Are you looking to improve your real estate career as we move out of this slower property cycle and into a new cycle? There are numerous opportunities for agents who become […]


How You Can Build a Remarkable Real Estate Agent Plan

So, what does your real estate plan look like now? Given all the changes in the market today, there are things to think about and adjust to. All the changes in the property market and the economy of recent times would indicate that things should change for us in what we do as agents.  There […]

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Straightforward and Effective Marketing Plan for Commercial Agents

In commercial real estate today, create a marketing plan for yourself and build your market share faster. Sure, you promote your listings, but now is the time to promote yourself and your ideas. Note: If you want our ‘agent resources’ sent to you by email, you can get them here for free. In this video […]

The Brokerage Planner to Enrich Your Real Estate Business

When you consider your property market and your real estate targets, there are a number of things to work through. There are things that you can do to rectify market pressures and help you progress with listings and clients. Every day you can be moving forward in your activities in real estate. Every day can […]


How to Break Away from the Sales Competition in Commercial Brokerage

When you work as a commercial real estate broker or agent, your position in the market is critical to your attraction of new property listings and conversion of good quality clients.  An analysis of your competition is therefore valuable as the year starts and progresses.  Know your position in the local area as an industry specialist; […]

The Essential Rules of Marketing Property in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, far too many real estate agents offer generic marketing solutions across every listing without any specific recommendations.  That situation should only be the case when it comes to ‘open listings’.  Are you a ‘generic agent’ or a ‘top agent’? Top agents in the property market today demand listing circumstances where […]

The Rules of Success in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage today, there will always be plenty of competition and challenges to deal with at an individual level. That being said, every agent should have a specific plan of approach that is prepared well in advance prior to the beginning of each financial year; that plan should contain business targets and […]

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