How to Build Your Commercial Real Estate Business – Workbooks

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are a few things to do in an organized and professional way. Today, we have given you these two workbooks including a chart to help you decide how you can establish yourself in your location as a specialised broker. You can set your focus and rules from these resources […]

A Schedule of Key Marketing Strategies to Use in Commercial Property

If you want a good market share and build some solid commissions as an agent then it’s time to look at your marketing and networking efforts with your listings. There are some ‘leverage points’ that you can use in your real estate business. It just needs some strategies. Your current listings are the foundation of […]

The Key Facts to Creating Your Competitive Edge in Brokerage

If you are working in or starting a career in commercial real estate brokerage now, then it is absolutely critical that you develop a personal marketing plan and skill development strategy at the earliest stages of your new job and career. Ready for some action? You have to see things, research facts, and talk to […]


Brainstorming Matrix for Better Sales

The sales process in commercial real estate is reasonably straightforward. In saying that there are a number of things to watch and optimize over time. Use this sales chart below to set some indicators to watch for yourself in brokerage activities. Know what is happening in your property market and why that is the case. […]


Simple and Easy Leasing Solutions for Brokers and Agents

Where do you start to tap into your commercial real estate leasing market?  In most towns and cities there will be some business movement and opportunities to find, so tenants and landlords are the base of clients to work with. Choose your client types and services specifically around that.  How can you prospect for that […]

Brokerage Sales

The Best Ways to Win More Listings

In this slide deck, you can get the facts behind how you can win more commercial real estate listings. It is no secret that the commercial real estate market can be competitive from time to time. That means many local agents are chasing the same client or the same property at the same time. For […]

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