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Top Real Estate Agent Planning

Where are you in your real estate career?   Would you like to give it a boost? You can do certain things in commercial real estate that will provide you with a market advantage. That is a real estate agent plan. When you do those special things regularly and then expand on them, the real estate […]

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Agent Sales Activity Plan

In professional selling and commercial real estate, the days you have before you are the most important. With the 12 hours you have ahead of you each day, every minute should be optimised to the actions that will bring you the best results. Build your real estate business by focusing on time and how you […]

Brokerage Marketing

How I Find and Create Quality Listings

When you work in commercial real estate as a broker or agent, it pays to have a planned approach to finding high-quality listings.  In other words, your plan is not some random focus on a territory or property type. Today I will share how I do things with that. These ideas will help you with […]

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Sales Plan Blueprint for Real Estate Agents

Your sales plan in real estate will help you in developing and maintaining long-term relationships with the right people. That plan or blueprint will be critical to your success as a real estate agent in the coming year.  This video will help you with your long term client relationships and your client connections.  It will help you […]


How You Can Build a Remarkable Real Estate Agent Plan

So, what does your real estate plan look like now? Given all the changes in the market today, there are things to think about and adjust to. All the changes in the property market and the economy of recent times would indicate that things should change for us in what we do as agents.  There […]

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The Secrets to a World-Class Sales Plan in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, every broker and agent should have a sales plan that focuses activity into certain property types and client types each day. In this changing real estate market, a sales plan like that can help you engage with the right people in the right ways for the right reasons. In this […]

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