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How Key Account Services Can Boost Commercial Sales

If you are a commercial real estate broker, you know how competitive and challenging the market can be. At this time, plenty of change is going on, so get involved with that change. Choose the best clients to work with and attract over time. They can be your key accounts. Refine your prospecting systems. You […]


Things I Have Learnt About Curiosity in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When you look into things in Commercial Real Estate, you can find the factors of change that will be a listing or an opportunity in the future.  When you are looking for new clients or properties to sell or lease, be curious and ask plenty of questions. This special report by John Highman, will help […]

The Importance of Attracting Quality Business in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

As I talk with many different commercial agents and brokers around the world.  I see the age-old problem of daily diversions and distractions. Recently I was in Hong Kong running a workshop on Commercial Leasing.  It’s interesting to note that the property industry is not that much different country by country.  Sure, the market indicators […]

The 5 Rules to Commercial Real Estate Prospecting You Should Not Forget

Having been exposed to almost all property types and sizes over the years, I know that prospecting is the number one activity that should feature in every agent’s diary BEFORE they do anything else.   It’s a daily thing that cannot be delegated to anyone else…… when you accept that fact you then know how […]


Commercial Real Estate Agents – Shortlist Your Top Clients for Focus and Action

It pays to profile and short list your top prospects or clients in commercial real estate.  That then allows you to devote special time and energy to helping them with property changes and needs.  Those clients and prospects almost become a ‘VIP list’ of people within your database and on that basis you can give […]

Key Prospecting Segments in Expanding Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The property market in commercial real estate offers some real opportunity for agents and brokers in a number of business and property segments.  When you look through your local area and the greater region across your town or city you will find plenty of property types, investment groups, associations, and companies all potentially needing property […]


Proven Strategies for Finding Clients and Prospects in Commercial Real Estate Agency

Often I get the question put to me on just how agents can find prospects and the right people to talk to about commercial real estate opportunities.  Salespeople that are new to the industry are commonly looking for that ‘magic bullet’ that will help them do their prospecting easily and directly.   So there is no […]

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