client report for commercial real estate brokers

The Importance of Attracting Quality Business in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

As I talk with many different commercial agents and brokers around the world.  I see the age-old problem of daily diversions and distractions.

Recently I was in Hong Kong running a workshop on Commercial Leasing.  It’s interesting to note that the property industry is not that much different country by country.  Sure, the market indicators always change driven by local economic pressures for a location, but the people are the same and at the base of everything we work with properties and clients, and in doing so we need plenty of good ones in a regular and ongoing way.

Local market knowledge and professional skills will always help with broker results.  So I have put together this special report about the things we must do as agents and brokers in a regular and ongoing way.

Avoid Diversions?

Sometimes we can do too much or get wound up in someone else’s issues.   That then leads to loss of market share and commissions.  So there are good properties and not so good (the poor quality properties should be avoided when noticed).  Protect your time, because other people will ask a lot of you for their reasons, and not yours.

When you look into your property list, you should see differences and then recognize those differences for what they are.  I have written this special report from Hong Kong to help you with this client focus and growth of service.

See what you think about your current client activities.  If you are like me, there are always things that we can improve with the clients that we serve.

client report for commercial real estate brokers
Special report on client growth strategies in commercial real estate brokerage


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