Examples of Business Goals for Commercial Real Estate Agents

A lot has been said about brokerage goals and targets.  We all need them to stay on task and on track in commercial real estate brokerage.  As the year progresses, so will the factors of enquiry, prices, rents, and stock availability.  Are you ready for some growth? I put together this booklet for sales and […]


5 Steps to Goal Setting in Commercial Property Investment Sales

If you want to get anywhere fast in commercial investment sales, it is best to do a good degree of market research and then set your goals for action.  Failure to understand what is going on locally with the investment market segments, can see you lose precious time and waste resources. (N.B. these ideas are […]


7 Business Goals and Objectives for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Each year the commercial real estate brokerage market changes, and as part of that, you need goals to stay on task and on track when it comes to achieving results in your real estate business.  Luck does not have much of a place in our industry.  Goals, actions, and targets, on the other hand, have […]

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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Why a Collection of Action Targets will Give You Market Traction

Too many commercial real estate brokers and agents just focus on what they have done (or what they want) with commissions.  They look at the end result with very little understanding of what really matters in the middle of the equation.  The commissions will generally come to those agents that take specific actions and refine […]

The Secrets of Setting Goals and Targets in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Today

One of the strange facts that you will soon learn in commercial real estate brokerage is that most agents and brokers do not keep goals and targets for very long.  Most brokers and agents get distracted with the pressures of the day or the industry and then forget the goals process that they may have […]


Goal Oriented Motivation to Grow Commercial Real Estate Broker Business

In commercial real estate brokerage the goals that you create can be a significant source of motivation and activity. Those goals should be personally oriented towards new business generation, listing activity, commissions, and time on market.   Track and measure key performance indicators to help you understand where your goals are taking you and how […]

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Rethinking Commercial Real Estate Agent Leadership

To win a good share of new business and the clients in commercial real estate brokerage, you really do need to be a leader or have the qualities of one.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a sole operator or a team manager, leadership skills are required. With this simple strategy, you bring real integrity […]


Full Scale Goals in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

We all know and have heard of the need to create goals in our careers.  Commercial real estate is one industry where the goal process is fundamentally important.  Without those targets you cannot build the systems of action. It is one thing to have ambition; it is another to take action towards it.  In the […]

Goals and Targets Help You Succeed in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate agency and brokerage you need personal goals and targets.  They show you the ultimate path to better clients and market share. All of that sounds logical, and yet so many agents give ‘lip service’ to the process and never really get it going.  They let the days and weeks pass without […]

Set Your Commercial Real Estate Agent Targets and Goals

We are coming to the start of a new financial year 2013-2014.  In fact, and as this article is being written we have just 4 weeks to go to the start of that financial year. Many of us in commercial real estate work to a financial year and not a calendar year when it comes […]

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