Setting Key Performance Indicators in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Video

Here are some ideas to help you set key performance indicators in your role as a commercial real estate agent or broker. Sales, leasing, and property management activities should all have indicators that are set to market conditions, commissions earned and property types.  In that way you can see how things are improving for you […]

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6 Essential Key Performance Indicators in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Some agents have absolutely no idea what their position or ranking is in the local property market when it comes to achieving results.  They might know who their competitors are, but they have no awareness of personal ranking with listings, deals, and market share. Building a commercial real estate business is a gradual process that […]


Performance Indicators in Commercial Real Estate Sales

A typical commercial real estate agency will have many factors of performance to assess given a standard business or financial year.  It is essential that the agency sales team is tracked as to personal performance, market share, and growth. Weaknesses in the team carry across to the agency quite quickly. From time to time during […]


Commercial Real Estate Agents – Goal and Action Consistency Builds Leverage

In commercial real estate agency today, getting results on a personal basis is a big part of the business.  Consistency is a really important thing if you want more commissions and listings as an agent.  You must reduce the dips and troughs from your market.  On that basis you need a plan to get things […]

Commercial Real Estate Agent Performance Review

In commercial real estate agency there should be a regular focus on team performance and the results that each salesperson is achieving.  In this way you can stay ahead of market trends and just how team members are responding to them. In an ideal agency situation, performance reviews should occur quarterly across the sales team.  […]

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