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How to Review a Shopping Centre Tenant Mix to Solve Vacancies

In retail shopping centres today, there are quite a few vacancies to handle given the changes in the property market. In saying that, there are some business types that are in real demand when it comes to consumer interest and retail property leasing. All of these vacancies are a good thing because it allows investors […]


Useful Checklist for Leasing Commercial Property

When it comes to leasing commercial or retail there are a good number of things to work through to optimise the vacancy marketing, the inspections, and the negotiations. A plan or strategy is best developed to resolve that. (Note: If you would like more ideas in leasing premises in commercial property, you can get them […]


Commercial Real Estate Leasing – Investigating the Business History of Prospective Tenants

When looking to lease a commercial or retail property, and or resolve a vacancy, don’t jump at the first tenant or lease enquiry that comes your way.  Make some careful choices about the tenant, the location, the building, and the relevance that the tenant must have to the landlord’s asset.  (NB – you can get […]


Commercial Real Estate Leasing Agents – How to Handle Difficult Properties to Lease

I was recently talking with an agent that had a vacant industrial property to lease.  The client had just rung up on the telephone to ask about progress in leasing.  The property had been vacant for 3 months and only one inspection had occurred.  Naturally the client was upset at not having a tenant in […]

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