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A Few of the Features of Local Area Marketing

In commercial real estate sales and leasing today, and because it is a changing property cycle, the best way to find new business is through local area marketing. This matrix video will help you with that. Important Connections Think about the real estate market around you, your competitors, your clients, the types of transactions, and […]


How to Time Base Your Commercial Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

A property marketing campaign can be more effective if you ‘time base’ your activities and strategically so. Every exclusive property listing should have this ‘time’ focus so the enquiries are optimized and therefore inspections can follow more successfully. Special Note: if you want to get our free commercial real estate training today, you can enrol […]


How to Optimize Your Commercial Real Estate Marketing Online

In taking your commercial property listing to the market, there are some advertising decisions to be made, and some marketing channels to be used. Some promotional ideas are better than others. In this video today, we take you into the online marketing alternatives to help you get better results from your property listings. Ultimately you […]


The Real Advantages of Grading Your Listings in Commercial Property

Sometimes we have just too many commercial property listings active, and that typically leads to complications in servicing clients and marketing. Inevitably that ‘burden’ can distract you from the results that you want with commissions and inspections. Over time some of your listings will become ‘stale’ as well, so there are several things to be […]

Guide to Commercial Real Estate Buyer Attraction

In commercial real estate brokerage, the property buyers for a location will be valuable in creating inquiry, inspections, negotiations, and contracts.  The key question is ‘How do you attract plenty of buyers for a property listing?’   When you have database that is loaded with carefully selected and nurtured buyers, then you have a good chance […]

5 Ways to Develop Blanket Coverage Marketing in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate your property market will hopefully be all around you and your team.  You will be splitting that territory up into precincts and property types for the required focus.  In only that way can you correctly and completely cover the available listing stock. The agents that struggle in the industry are usually […]

Achieve Instant Credibility Locally with Property Listing Signage

In commercial real estate brokerage today, the signboard coverage that you create for yourself on locally listed properties will always assist in growth of market share.  It is perhaps a ‘traditional’ approach to marketing property, but it really works and cannot be ignored.  The signboard is still a powerful marketing tool in brokerage.   The […]

The Quality Checks Needed in Commercial Real Estate Marketing

When you promote a property for sale or lease in commercial real estate brokerage today, it pays to spend more time at the front end of the marketing effort and particularly with the campaign design and release. There are various strategies and quality checks that you can use and optimize to improve inquiry outcomes and […]


Rethink Your Commercial Real Estate Advertising and Here is Why

As commercial real estate agents, it is up to us to generate and maximize the inquiry for every quality property that we list.  Every exclusive listing that we convert should receive a dedicated focus to marketing and property advertising.  When you totally understand the process, you can radically improve the levels of inquiry that you […]

Brokerage Sales

How to Rehabilitate Listings in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

So many commercial real estate agents and brokers struggle with market and commission results because they do not ‘rehabilitate’ their listings.  Professionalism in our industry says that we must track and shape the enquiries that we get for our listings and our clients. So what does ‘rehabilitate’ mean?  It’s a bit like refreshing the property […]

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