List Management Rules in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage today you need a ‘list’ to be successful.  In that ‘list’ there will be sellers, landlords, buyers, and tenants.  It directly follows that the list should be up to date and totally accurate. Recently I met with a new agent of a larger brokerage to coach him on the skills […]

Master the Simplicity of Client Contact in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When it comes to working with property clients today, you do need to understand their needs and directions when it comes to sales, leasing, and property performance.  Those needs are likely to change throughout the year as the pressures of the economy and regional property activity shift and vary. In any period of 12 months, […]

No Limits Prospecting in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Prospecting is at the centre of everything when it comes to commercial real estate brokerage.  For this reason, it needs to be a key part of your business model at a personal level.  Establish your prospecting model, and practice it every day.  Good things take time to perfect and refine; networking and prospecting is like […]

Turn Your Clients Into Lifetime Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate today the clients that we serve are likely to be in the market for quite some time. They may have property requirements across sales, leasing, or property management. They may also have challenging issues with tenant occupancy, property performance, or redevelopment. A good client can be a great source of future […]


Removing Doubts from the Commercial Real Estate Client

In commercial real estate brokerage, many clients and prospects will have certain doubts or questions when it comes to a sale or lease transaction. This then says that we need to be very specific and skillful when it comes to satisfying the questions and doubts of the customer. In most cases the following elements will […]

Networking Tips for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

In commercial real estate today, there are many challenges when it comes to property investment and ownership.  Many of the clients that we work for will have issues to be addressed in property performance, leasing, and occupancy.  One client can be the source of many new business transactions and commission opportunities.  Understanding how you can […]


Best Prospecting Tips for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

The prospecting process in commercial real estate is quite special.  That is because the cycle of business can be quite lengthy, or slow to occur.  It can be a long time and some years between property purchases or lease transactions.  This says that you need to connect with the right people and then stay in […]

6 Key Factors in Commercial Real Estate Prospecting

The commercial real estate prospecting process is critical to your growth of market share when it comes to a career in agency or brokerage.  That being said, the prospecting process is largely overlooked or side-tracked by most agents on a daily basis.  There are many other things to distract them from the networking requirements of […]

Leverage Your Lists in Commercial Real Estate Agency Prospecting

In commercial real estate agency, you can get significant leverage from your lists of information.  A good commercial real estate agent will have researched significant lists that will help feed them the right contact or property detail within the correct property market segments. So the lists that you create will offer significant opportunity.  It is […]

How to Be An Expert of Choice in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate agency today, you need to be an expert within the local market and with your property speciality.  There are just so many competitors around that you really do need to position yourself appropriately as the expert that clients require.  So the message here is that you cannot be generic with your […]

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