Guaranteed No Stress Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate

Where are things happening in commercial real estate brokerage in your location now?  That is a big question and here is the solution.  The only way to answer it is through a strategic focus in your real estate day.   The property market has changed, and that is something we can work with and do so […]

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How to Set New Property and Brokerage Horizons

The commercial property market is changing and it is becoming a sales and listing market. People want to sell and people want to buy. It is likely to stay that way for at least the immediate future. Who are you going to connect with? Try property investors, business owners, and local property owners. Somewhere in […]

New Business Ideas in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

We sometimes forget that our prospects and the people that we know are highly important and critical to our respective commercial real estate businesses. If we want to attract more business, then we should attract more of those valuable people and connect with them regularly.   That is how the industry works. Those people locally […]


Build Strategic Alliances in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage to Create New Business Faster

In commercial real estate brokerage you can build strategic alliances with other industry professionals to help grow your market share and lead generation processes. In saying that, other industry professionals will generally take time to trust you as an industry expert and a person that they would expose or introduce to their clients. You could […]

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