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Commercial Property Managers – Tenancy Schedule Concerns Clearly Explained

In commercial real estate brokerage, the use of a tenancy schedule in property control is quite common when it comes to larger office, retail, and industrial properties.  That being said, there are some dangers to understand with the schedule process. The schedule itself should contain the entire relevant lease and tenant detail for the asset […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – The Perfect Listing System to List Better Properties Faster

One thing that you don’t want in commercial real estate brokerage today is a poor quality listing system that drags you back in momentum.  A perfect listing system is one that captures the facts of the client, the listing, and the marketing campaign in a timely way, and then helps you move ahead accurately into […]

Gathering Key Facts About the Commercial Real Estate Property

In commercial real estate today, the presentation or the sales pitch that we create should be focused on not only the property, but also the client.  Both factors need to be completely understood prior to the presentation occurring. The property will have attributes that can easily be compared to the property market today.  From that […]

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