Boost Your Sales Game: Unleashing the Power of a Checklist

There are some things in commercial real estate brokerage that you can plan for and thus optimise for your real estate business. Today’s sales and listings are a case for real estate improvement for all agents. Allow me to explain.

Ultimately, you want to win as many listings as possible while also providing excellent service to your clients. That is today’s basic and yet critical performance formula or target for agents. This is where the sales checklist can come in handy.

Listing Leverage

That checklist can provide you with additional leverage points to demonstrate that you are the agent of choice and the agent who should accept the listing.

You can then define your own listing rules, including your preferences, marketing recommendations, and pricing strategies.

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What Does the Client Want?

What does a client want when it comes to listing their property? A client desires to work with an agent who possesses skill, confidence, and a system that will expedite the best results for the property.

As an agent, how would you demonstrate that you are the best agent for the job? The sales checklist is always useful.

Tailor Your Services

You can use that to create a sales checklist, which you can then tailor to your property types, location, and market situation. That checklist can put you ahead of other agents in your area.

That checklist is referred to as a real estate leverage point for winning more successful listing transactions. This makes listing and property presentations much easier.

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When Do You Need a Checklist?

You never know when you’ll be summoned to a meeting or to discuss a listing situation. Your checklist should be ready to always use and in all real estate situations.

You can upload the checklist to the cloud and use it in various ways depending on the situation, the client, and the subject property.

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Make a list

Establishing Your Checklist

Here are some ideas to help you establish this checklist to give you the advantage in any property listing situation or opportunity.

1. Property Location Summary

Make a property information summary for the specific location. Changes in supply and demand, as well as trends in the local property industry, should be included in this summary.

Please collect a selection of articles from the internet and local newspapers that show actual sales and leasing activity results every week. This data can then be used to generate graphs and charts for use in any listing presentation.

When you take on a listing, providing actual sales and leasing trends can be a leverage point and a conditioning process.

2. Recent Transactions

Create a list of sales, leasing, and property management service solutions and value propositions. What you need to do here is think about how you can make your real estate services more relevant to your clients today and how you can add value to the strategy.

Being a generic real estate agent is pointless in today’s market. Too many other agents are vying for the same clients and listings. Strive to outperform the other competing agents in your area.

When discussing a property and making recommendations to a client, be very specific and include your unique ideas that can help the client achieve better results. Explain this in your presentation.

3. Target Clients

Define your target client and prospect segments. Consider the client types you prefer to work with in the coming years, given your location.

Consider whether or not that client segment is or could be very active in your desired property activities.

Choose the client segments that will provide you with the most work over the course of your business plan. You can then tailor your special service solutions to the situation.

4. Best Property Types

Choose the property type for your client target segments. They will be incorporated into your prospecting and presentation efforts.

You can gather market intelligence and property photos to use in any client or prospect conversation.

Market intelligence will include market changes and opportunities. Create a story for the property segment using photos and charts from the segment.

5. Legal Listing Forms

Listing forms should be ready to use in sales and leasing situations.

You never know when a listing opportunity will present itself, so be prepared to capture the information legally and thoroughly.

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6. Photos and Images

Photos of properties can be saved in a folder in the cloud. Photographs are an effective marketing tool that can be used in listing presentations to discuss property types and transaction outcomes.

Any interesting property or quality asset should have its own photographic folder in your online cloud storage. You can use those images to demonstrate competing properties and market conditions.

7. Graphs of Trends

Price and rental trend charts for the location can be generated using media results and published transaction records.

When you graph those trends, you can demonstrate real estate market realities to any interested party, client, or prospect. Graphs can be kept up to date throughout the year by using newspaper articles and case studies.

8. Marketing Examples

Prepare some examples of marketing alternatives to discuss.

Set up the wide range of media options and marketing tools that we have available, and you can create samples and reporting structures to show clients and prospects how commercial property marketing can work today.

You can categorise those campaigns into three levels: gold, silver, and bronze.

9. Location Maps

• Street maps are extremely useful for canvassing. Get some maps of the area, precincts, and priority suburbs where you want to find listings.

You can mark the map as you go through the area, checking property ownership and occupancy. So you’ll know where you’ve been and where you need to go as part of a detailed and logical prospecting plan.

10. Database Structure and Use

A database of people and contacts is something very personal. After a short time working in commercial real estate, you will understand how you prefer to work with databases and capture information from conversations and meetings.

Your database can become a system that you operate to and within every day. That is how you find people and property listings. Keep the database accurate and up-to-date.

The database will serve as your foundation for future opportunities, listings, and matching people to real estate situations.

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Work your database comprehensively

11. Presentation Tools

Presentation tools should be stored in the cloud so that they can be accessed at any time. Consider the various types of listing presentations you give.

Photographs, marketing samples, promotional campaigns, and comparable properties are examples of presentation and listing tools. All of those tools are available to you online at any time.

12. Open versus Exclusive Listings

Current open and exclusive listings should be stored online so that you can access material for display, discussion, and emailing to qualified and interested people.

You never know when you’ll need to communicate with sellers, buyers, business owners, or tenants. Your listings should be easily accessible and discoverable online.

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Sales Checklist Summary

These items are components of a sales checklist that you can create over time, with a focus on the types of properties and locations you sell.

As needed, add items to the list. Include any unique items you believe are pertinent to today’s changing real estate market in your location. It makes your job much easier. This could lead to additional exclusive listings in the future.

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