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New Business Power Prospecting Part 1

In this video today, you can learn how to start a prospecting model for your real estate business. Whilst there are many ideas in the video, choose three or four that suit your location and property type. In commercial real estate brokerage, there are things that you can do every day to grow your market […]

Gatekeepers Challenge Tenacity in Commercial Real Estate

Like it or not, the ‘gatekeepers’ of business exist for a reason, and in part, that is to stop random people getting through to the ‘top person’ or manager of a business.  So, that is the rule, and it is to be respected as part of your communications and prospecting processes.  Know the rules and […]


Planning the Strategy of Client Contact and Prospecting New Business

In commercial real estate brokerage, and as an agent or broker, you need to get in front of plenty of people as part of an ongoing contact and prospecting model. Connecting with the right people is part of the equation, so there are choices to be made with that. However, relevance is also something that […]


Effective Strategies to Win Commercial Real Estate Listings and New Business

In the role of a commercial real estate agent, take the time to understand what is happening in your property market and where things may be headed from a supply and demand perspective.  Look to the future for leads and ideas when it comes to property sales, leasing, and property management. (NB – get our […]

Prospecting Sales and New Business Guidelines in Commercial Real Estate

The prospecting process in commercial real estate sales and leasing is quite special.  If you are not prospecting for new business in a successful and direct way, then this report will help you get that traction with the right people and on the right properties.  It is a good property market, and in most towns […]


This is a Simple 5 Step Cold Call Prospecting Process in Commercial Real Estate Leasing

The new business prospecting process in commercial real estate leasing is quite special.  The focus of prospecting has to be on the right people, the best buildings and top precinct locations.  Cold calling has to evolve around the right factors locally. Size matters! Before I go too far here it is worth noting that most […]