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The Ultimate Negotiation Blueprint

In commercial real estate today, the frequency of undertaking a negotiation on a property matter is high, and the number of issues to understand as part of that are many. In addition, the property market is changing, and plenty of investors are looking for new places to spend money. As an agent, are you aligned to […]


Basic Negotiation Priorities for Listings Today

In commercial real estate, a good negotiator is one who has a thorough understanding of all of the property and market factors. In today’s video, we share some priorities to think about with real estate negotiations and particularly with listings. This is a changing and growing real estate market in many locations and that will […]


What You Must Know Before Negotiating Anything

In commercial real estate sales and leasing today, it’s reasonable to expect some things to go wrong within a transaction, so as an agent, stay committed to the deal throughout the entire inspection, negotiation, and closing process. When you think a deal is done, there are still likely to be a number of outstanding issues […]


The Differences That Drive Sales Business Today in Commercial Property

As COVID19 takes hold around the World, and as we move into and through this subsequent new property cycle, we must change our personal activities and strategies in commercial real estate brokerage.  This is a new property event and cycle for everyone; most things that we did previously in brokerage should now be approached differently.  […]

How to Fix Client Problems in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

As a commercial real estate agent or broker, you really do need to be prepared for the difficult clients and the characters they present to you as part of the property negotiation. In any property transaction be it for sale or lease, there will be plenty of pressures on the clients and the buyers or […]

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