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How Asking Better Real Estate Questions Creates Listings

Think about how you might communicate with clients and prospects more effectively when you want to win new business in commercial real estate. Are you connecting at a higher level? Do you stand out as the ‘agent of choice’? You can demonstrate your real estate comprehension, confidence, relevancy, and knowledge to the other person by […]

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A Guide to a Skilled Listing Presentation Pt 1

In commercial real estate, your listing presentations have to be well crafted and communicated. There are too many other agents out there chasing the same real estate business. Getting the message across to a client about what they need to do about their property or real estate need, and how you can help them is […]

Marketing Sales

How to Open a Property Listing Presentation

In today’s commercial property market, there are many opportunities to tap into with clients and properties. In some cases, discussions with clients lead to listing presentations, which should be carefully constructed for ‘relevance’. That relevance is then part of ‘opening’ up on your ideas and recommendations. This listing presentation ‘blueprint’ will help you connect with […]


Developing Astounding Results from Your Listing Presentation

If you’re a commercial, industrial, or retail real estate agent or broker, you’ll have a natural approach to the listing presentation process. Do you want to improve that presentation style? Here are some ideas. Having confidence in your listing style and professional skills demonstrates to the client that you are committed to finding a solution […]


How to Make the Best Commercial Real Estate Listing Presentation

Your commercial real estate listing presentation should be refined and improved over time. Given that many listing opportunities are highly competitive, your listing pitch and presentation needs to be of the highest quality and of the greatest relevance. Most clients and prospects today will do their research as part of inviting you to a listing […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Engagement Tips for Property Presentations

Just about every commercial property presentation today is competitive by nature.  In only a short period of time we have to convert the client to our recommendations and ideas relating to their property.  Are you up to the challenge? Other agents will be connecting with the same client and putting their version of the best […]

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