Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Engagement Tips for Property Presentations

Just about every commercial property presentation today is competitive by nature.  In only a short period of time we have to convert the client to our recommendations and ideas relating to their property.  Are you up to the challenge?

Other agents will be connecting with the same client and putting their version of the best property solution forward.  Only one agent can win the business, and you are likely to have only the one chance of attracting the client’s attention.  It directly follows that any agent with a generic presentation will fail quite quickly and at the earliest stages of the listing pitch.

Preparation is the Key to a Presentation

So how can you prepare for your meeting with the client and get your message across?  Here are some ideas:

  1. Meet the client’s criteria – Determine the core elements of the client’s requirements and match those into the market conditions and the elements of the property as it exists today. Look for challenges that could arise and provide solutions in a concise way.
  2. Address the concerns of the client – Every property owner will have issues with the pending sale or lease requirements before them. If you take the time to identify the core issues of concern to the client you can provide very clear solutions and thereby help the client to a decision.  A ‘question and answer’ page or section within your property proposal addressing the top 4 or 5 client issues is a good way of doing that.
  3. Detail the strengths and resolve the weaknesses – Every property will have some strength factors to help you attract the best level of enquiry and convert that to inspections. To find those strengths you can create an ‘evaluation plan’ to build up the property ready for promotion.   Understand the target market as part of that process.  Tap into those property strengths and use the right words and phrases to feed them into the promotional campaign.  The weaknesses in the property should also be resolved if possible and removed from the equation so that they do not impact the marketing efforts you are recommending.  If the weaknesses cannot be removed then you will need some strategic ideas to handle the negatives raised by inspecting parties.
  4. Have a clear vision – Your vision of the property outcome should be aligned to that of the client. Do you know what the client is thinking?  Can you communicate all the property facts as you see them and give the client a strategic method of approach through the complexity of handling the sale or lease of the property?

These 4 simple points help you connect with the client in the property presentation or listing pitch.  You are thereby engaging the client at a high level and therefore giving yourself the best chance of winning the business.

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