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Three Direct Selling Strategies in Commercial Real Estate

If you are looking for new listings in commercial real estate, take a good look at your activities and database.  A few changes can help you grow your real estate activities and property listing inventory as the property market opens. What is the message here?  Directed activities produce plenty of leads that can be shaped […]


The Best Four Ways to Sell More Commercial Property Today

What are the best ways to sell commercial real estate now? You have choices, and making the right choices will help you move ahead to better inquiries and inspections faster. Look around your property market and see what is happening and how it is working. Listing inventory is the key to commercial real estate progress […]

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How to Build a Sales Case as a Seasoned Professional

With the changes in the property market now, there are plenty of chances coming up to convert and attract sales. It is time to look at the types of properties that are likely to sell today and why that is the case. Business owners and property investors are thinking about their alternatives. As a local […]

Career Podcast

How to Create the Sales Career You Want

Your career in commercial real estate sales comes down to one main thing, and that is meeting new people.  From those ‘face to face’ meetings, listings and commissions evolve.  If you want to grow your sales business, then meetings are foundational to that.  In this podcast today you can learn how to build some churn […]


Effective Strategies for Better Commercial Real Estate Sales

When you look at your property market, there are plenty of sales happening if you know where to look and what to look for.   It is all about what you do and how you approach things. There are sale listing opportunities to be seized over time with investors, property owners, and business owners. So, how […]


5 Helpful Tips to Investment Sales Success

When you list an investment property for sale, there are a number of things to look into and review. Essentially the property should not be taken to the market without all investment factors being checked and available for enquiring parties.  Preparation is the key to marketing and converting an investment property sale for a client. […]

Guide to Commercial Real Estate Buyer Attraction

In commercial real estate brokerage, the property buyers for a location will be valuable in creating inquiry, inspections, negotiations, and contracts.  The key question is ‘How do you attract plenty of buyers for a property listing?’   When you have database that is loaded with carefully selected and nurtured buyers, then you have a good chance […]

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