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Three Direct Selling Strategies in Commercial Real Estate

If you are looking for new listings in commercial real estate, take a good look at your activities and database.  A few changes can help you grow your real estate activities and property listing inventory as the property market opens.

What is the message here?  Directed activities produce plenty of leads that can be shaped into more listings.  The fact of the matter to remember here as you move ahead is that your daily actions in real estate do matter in getting the results you want. 

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Daily Real Estate Routines that Work

Daily actions are the things that you do regularly and consistently each day.  The items you can repeat and refine in prospecting are the solutions to getting more new business around you.  There are three strategies to consider in moving ahead in this property market.

  1. Time Allocations and Time Blocks – Your time and how you use it will be on the top of your list each day as the most valuable resource that you can use.  You will not be able to control all your day, and there are administrative issues and brokerage meetings to attend regardless of how good you are at your diary management.  So, do not stress about trying to control all your real estate time; you will not achieve that level of control.  What you can do, however, is set aside 50% of your day to direct marketing and prospecting.  Put that as the number one item in your diary each day.  That time can be controllable and focused on the real estate rules and activities that you set.  How do you want to prospect for new business?  Try the telephone each morning and drop business cards in a zone when you are out of the office.  Fifty calls and fifty cards are good strategies to work to.
  2. Direct Communications – This is where many agents struggle.  They do not do enough direct marketing that can lead to conversations.  The top agents of the market do not struggle, and they ensure that they are talking to people every day.   Create lots of property conversations that are directed to new property people and those that you have already qualified.  Plenty of discussions should be the focus of your real estate day.   Double your call time and your outbound call numbers.  Make more calls than ever before.  Create more conversations than ever before.  Expect that some people will not have an interest or a need currently with commercial property. Still, your professional approach and good questioning can help you find the upcoming real estate listing requirements or potential property transaction. Ask good questions and create meaningful conversations.  Repeat the call contact at least every 90 days with the people that have some potential that you have identified.
  3. Comprehensive Marketing – Choose your channels of property marketing and step straight into them every day.  Match the channels of real estate marketing with property investors and business owners.  Direct all your outbound telephone calls and meetings into those groups.  There will be people wanting ideas, information, leads, strategies, and property solutions.  So comprehensive property marketing and the best property marketing channels for that are those that allow you to talk to real estate people.  Forget about sending emails and posting social media as your main marketing approaches.  Escalate your real estate conversations and create plenty of them as you reach out to the new people in this property market.

So, these three marketing methods should focus on most real estate agents in moving ahead now.  The listings are out there. Your daily activities can be refined to these three strategies.  Look for property listing results and create those deeper real estate conversations

Connecting with Real Estate People

Engagement is the rule of the day and ensure that you direct all your time toward and into the real estate people that exist in your real estate target markets of investors and business owners.  It is time to thrive in this new property sales cycle and these strategies today can help you do that.

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