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Five Routines of Success in Commercial Real Estate

If you are looking to get great results in your real estate business, then take the time to have an in-depth look at your work systems and activities.  The best agents work to a method, and then they refine it over time.  The plan they work to will likely be relevant to them and their […]

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Retail Shopping Centre Managers and Property Agents – What Makes a Tenant Retention Plan So Important?

Tenant retention plans are essential to the performance of a Retail Property today.  They help stabilise the existing tenancy mix and help you optimise the market rental across the entire site. Note: If you want some more leasing ideas in commercial or retail real estate, you can get them here in our free course. A tenant […]


Rent Strategy in Commercial Property Leasing

There are many ways to look at rent in any commercial property investment.  Whilst every lease will have a starting rent many other factors in the lease are more important to cash flow.  What’s the formula? It is the rent over time that really matters from an income perspective in a lease of investment property […]


Commercial Property Leasing – Rental Income Growth Tips for Leasing Agents

When we lease commercial or retail property today, the income factors can be improved initially through good lease negotiations, and secondly a strategically sound tenant retention plan. What can you do? Cash flows and tenant retention underpin the performance of the property. We are then the ‘strategists’ to the process of property improvement and we […]


How to Present and Pitch for Commercial Real Estate Listings – Tips for Commercial Agents

When it comes to presenting and pitching for commercial real estate business, it is critical that you adopt the team approach wherever possible.  In this way, you can cover the issues and complexities of the property type and the local market. Note: If you would like to get our free commercial real estate course today, […]


Commercial Real Estate Agent Career Tips

When you work in commercial real estate it pays to set some rules when it comes to personal focus and daily action.  Without some form of control and focus, the day will get away from you and you will struggle with the momentum and the market share that you require.  The property market is challenging […]

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