How to Dominate Your Commercial Real Estate Market

Taking control of the property market for your brokerage activities is essential. Indeed, there will be other agents to compete with, but you can always take steps to position yourself as a top agent in the location. Personal marketing is part of that process. In any business and investment economy, some people want to purchase […]


Take Your Best Shot In Article Marketing in Commercial Real Estate

Everyone knows about social media and many use it in some way or form. Online marketing is a concept that sits well in commercial real estate today. The important thing is that you do different things and consistently so to promote your business and your real estate offering. What are your targets in marketing? You […]

Brokerage Podcast

How to Meet the Challenge in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In today’s commercial real estate podcast program you can learn about the five particular factors that tend to drive more opportunity for brokers around the world when it comes to sales and leasing activity. You can use these 5 particular strategies in your business and in your location.  As part of this brokerage program today […]

Using Follow Up Systems and Mailings in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

You can do a lot of new business in commercial real estate brokerage by following up on all your contacts and conversations.  Most agents and brokers don’t follow-up enough, and yes, there are reasons for that including time and money, however follow-up or a lack of is a common weakness in brokerage activities today.   (NB […]

5 Essential Rules to Commercial Real Estate Broker Prospecting and Networking

The agent that maintains focus on the simple things of our business usually gets results.  The commercial property market does not need to be complex, but it does require momentum and tenacity in prospecting and cold calling over the longer term.  That means contacting new people and the same people in an ongoing way.   A […]


Database Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents Today

Local business owners are a distinct opportunity for commercial real estate agents and brokers. It is those local business owners that know the area and the activities of other property occupants and tenants.  Get facts and input from those people for your database. To a degree, they will know the local area far better than you […]

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