How to Dominate Your Commercial Real Estate Market

Taking control of the property market for your brokerage activities is essential. Indeed, there will be other agents to compete with, but you can always take steps to position yourself as a top agent in the location. Personal marketing is part of that process.

In any business and investment economy, some people want to purchase and or sell commercial real estate. A systematic approach will help you find those people.

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Systems that Create Results

Where can you start with this idea and put it firmly into your real estate business? It’s all about creating a system to your approaches. That system will involve connecting with people and researching properties in an ongoing way.

The organised agent today tends to find more new business before others do. If you are looking to drive your real estate business forward with momentum and opportunity, then take a serious look at your prospecting processes, your client connections, and your systemised approach to connecting to new people.

Put new people at the centre of your real estate day and your diary of activities. Connect with people frequently to grow your real estate business.

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Get Some Leverage This Way

Here are some ideas to help you get traction and leverage in your local property market as a top agent. Build some of these systems into your activities and contact processes. Here are the key ideas for your brokerage focus:

  1. Tap into all local businesses to identify any property change and movement. There will be business owners looking for relocations, areas to expand into, and supplementary places of enterprise. In servicing that need, those business owners should be categorised within some form of database or list contact process. Capture the information relating to their property needs, location, and budget. Also, incorporate a timing process into that assessment.
  2. Get to know the local property developers and what they need when it comes to land and or buildings suitable for renovation or redevelopment. The property development opportunities change throughout the year, and some of the developers you work with now will have preferences when it comes to property size, type, and project cost.
  3. Set up VIP investors with exceptional service in your real estate business. Understand what a VIP client or Prospect will be to you, and how you will categorize that person into the future. Decide how you will be connecting with that person as part of your regular ongoing contact activities. Provide some special services and communication systems to those VIP clients so that you can build levels of trust and ongoing engagement.
  4. Cross-link your services through sales, leasing, and property management. It is a fact that one transaction can lead to another. in commercial real estate. That will involve the differing services of sales, leasing, and property management. Ensure that you are positioned with the right people and services mix to capture that client interest and retain the ongoing activities for the longer term with individual clients and unique properties.
  5. Take your clients’ portfolios to new levels of growth and investment. Some clients will have a more extensive property portfolio, and as part of that, they will need help in several different ways. Determine how you can service those property requirements areas such as cash flow, tenant retention, redevelopment, refurbishment, and income enhancement.
  6. Revisit all client transactions and contacts over the last seven years. You will find some repeat business and referral opportunities through the people that you have serviced previously and connected with overtime. Ask the right questions at the right time.
  7. Take every listing to the local people and qualified prospects. Every listing is a reason to connect with others in the local area. Every listing will allow you to create conversations with local business owners and property investors. It can be a complicated process; however, it can offer you extensive market penetration opportunities as well as helping you to find new listings in the local area.
  8. Market your exclusive listings comprehensively and deeply. Ensure that the exclusive listing process is firmly entrenched in your property listing presentations and pitching process. You can provide more in-depth and more relevant listing services as part of an exclusive listing process. Protect your business and grow your market share through a deliberate and direct approach to exclusivity.
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