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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Top Agent Planning

Sometimes we forget what we should be focusing on in commercial real estate brokerage; there are many things going on to create diversions and distractions.  I find the best way to handle that problem is to put a few charts around the workspace so you can quickly see what you can do.  This chart below is quite useful as a business prompter when you are struggling with focus

So there are many things to think about when it comes to the average working day. Some of the challenges that we work with will be more important than others. When you consider your listings, your clients, and the local market enquiry, it is really important to stay focused and on task.

The Agent Averages?

Some agents and brokers will rise to the top of their market through planned effort; others will struggle over time simply because they have not considered what they have to do and then modified their processes accordingly. A commercial property industry is not complex, but it is quite specific. You have to focus on certain things in brokerage and improve your skills at every opportunity.

That being said, strategies are required to get more results from your listings and from your clients. There will always be other agents around to confuse your clients, and take your listings. Competitive pressures will overtake your business endeavours unless you plan your processes.

Get Your Agent Plan Sorted

When you do the right things every day, the business gets a little bit easier and the opportunities and leads are created. Focus on your business day and the things that you do as part of that. Prioritise your actions so that you are driving the best levels of enquiry towards your listings.

I have put some key issues to monitor and track. The central headings are most particularly:

  • Property inspections
  • Marketing strategies
  • Pitching for listings
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Documentation requirements
  • Researching the local property market
  • Understanding the trends of rental and price
  • Client contact methods
  • Cold calling processes

When you look at each of these headings, there are things to think about and track. There are skills to improve if you want to drive more opportunity over time. You can print this chart and place it in your workspace where you can use it as a trigger point when you are considering the next things to do or actions to take.

Top Agent Infographic
Top Agent Infographic for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage



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