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What Commercial Property Sellers Look for in Brokerage Services

Understanding the sellers of property in your location will help you package your commercial real estate services and potentially win more listings.  When I say understand the sellers, I am referring to all the challenges and choices that the client may have.  Know those at the issues in your location in the property market today.  Local information will help you convert the attention and interest of any client.  Make sure that you research each customer and every property before undertaking a presentation or a meeting relating to the listing.


So where can you go with this?  When you look commercial and retail properties in your town or city, there are plenty of issues and concerns that can merge into a listing presentation or a property discussion; some of those issues are the leverage that you need in attracting the focus of the client.  When you have some leverage, you can create some stories to support your property recommendations and listing processes.


There are always plenty of agents and brokers existing as your competitors in the property industry in your location.  They are the people who are ready to take your clients and listings at the first opportunity.  Package your brokerage services through deliberate and direct property facts and strategies that the client will find hard to ignore.


So, a prospect or client is looking for certain things in the agent that they choose to market their property.  They are also likely to talk to many other local agents as part of the comparison process before listing brokerage selection decisions occur.


Exactly why should a client list their property with you?  You should have an answer to that question firmly in your mind before every listing presentation and client meeting.  Understand the client, the property, and the location in every respect so that you can match your well-considered recommendations to the client and their property challenges.  Stories will help you engage the clients thinking and conversation.



How to Attract the Clients Thinking


Here are some other ideas to help attract the attention of the client and influence their thinking when it comes to listing strategies and approaches to marketing.  Be specific and relevant in talking to the client about these things:



  1. Local property market coverage – show the client exactly how you comprehensively cover the local property market and the property type from a marketing and inquiry perspective. Compare your market coverage to that of other brokers and agents locally.  Show the client how your market coverage is more comprehensive and relevant to their property situation.
  2. Strong local brand for the property type – your real estate brand will have relevance in the location when it comes to attracting inquiry and offering professional services. Merge your brand and the experience of your team into a story of success when it comes to marketing the property type in the location.
  3. Substantial inbound inquiry – give the client a summary of activity locally when it comes to the recent and qualified inquiry for the property type. Relate those numbers to the amount of inquiry, the conversions to inspections, and the finalizing of negotiations.  Help the client see how easy the process of listing and marketing can be with your brokerage.
  4. Excellent marketing methods – your marketing services should be specialized for the property type and location. The best way to achieve that is through a variety of marketing packages to be used across sales in your location, as the case may be.  Three of four marketing packages will give the client some opportunities of choice in finalizing the listing.  That approach to marketing can be a strategic advantage when it comes to finalizing the listing.
  5. Feedback on marketing, inspections, and negotiations – given that you will have plenty of other listings on the market currently, compare the results that you are achieving with other open listings and exclusive listings. It should be easy to show the client how the exclusive listing process is so important to marketing property today.  Convert your properties exclusively.  That is the rule when it comes to listing properties today.
  6. Shorter time on market – your marketing recommendations should allow or create a shorter time on market in any sale situation. The client wants to achieve a simple solution to their property challenge.  That is the message that needs to weave into your presentation and listing pitch.


So, there are some specific things here that can merge into your listing presentation for any commercial or retail property.


Be specific, relevant, and real when it comes to making property recommendations to any client or prospect.  Show them clearly that you understand the challenge that they have in today’s property market.   Show them the resolutions and the recommendations that you will use to solve their problems quickly and effectively.  Strategy and confidence are two important elements of client engagement in commercial real estate today.

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