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In commercial real estate brokerage, your major focus should be attracting and converting listings. That requires a specific process and a definite amount of effort. (NB – you can get our commercial real estate broker training here)

When you can attract listings regularly and consistently over time, your market share will grow. That being said, exclusivity really matters when it comes to the property listing process and client interaction. You simply have to control your listings on an exclusive basis.

Respect your time and respect your professional skills.The clients of the property market today need to work with the agents that have the best coverage and command of the industry segments. That professionalism and business profile deserves a reasonable level of commission.

Listing priorities

If a client is serious about listing their property and getting a result, they will need the top agent with the best ideas. That is how you should sell your listing services in a comprehensive way. Strive to be different and locally better in all of the strategies that you offer your clients and prospects.

Pitch and present your services with a definite focus on the following matters:

  • direct marketing
  • exclusive marketing
  • personal effort
  • local area coverage
  • distinct inspection strategies
  • definitely different marketing approaches
  • a database that is comprehensively structured and relevant

The listings on the market are always there for the broker or the agent prospecting systematically and directly. As part of that process, you can get to understand specific property types and locations.

Don’t spread yourself too far as an industry professional trying to do too many different things. Specialization achieves better market coverage and listing opportunity.

I go back to the point that listings are everything in commercial real estate brokerage today. Undertake an assessment of your prospecting and listing activities to see where things can be improved. To do that effectively, review the following points:

  • your listing pitch
  • your presentation tools
  • the number of presentations you are doing per week
  • the way in which you follow up your presentations
  • the points of difference that you feed into your property presentations
  • your listing strategies and marketing approaches
  • your communication skills
  • the size and relevance of your database

So many things that you can do here when it comes to pitching your services professionally as a relevant local commercial real estate broker. Get away from the generic messages and marketing processes that most agents and brokers use.

Be different and be real for the people that you are connecting with when it comes to the sale or lease of their property. Tell them exactly how you will get involved with the listing and create the best levels of inquiry and inspections over time. Give them a definite and specific strategy that you will be involved with.


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