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Simple Daily Business Routines for Commercial Real Estate Agents

The best way to get anywhere in commercial real estate is to modify your activity and particularly your daily routines. In the podcast today, we can share some specific ideas to help you engage with more people and do that consistently over time. The real estate market is changing, and that is a good thing. […]


Time Management Tips for Brokers on the Go

When you think about your commercial real estate business, there are extra things that you can do every day when it comes to your spare time between meetings, inspections and conversations. Use your time to greater effectiveness when it comes to connecting with new people and maintaining contact with the prospects that you already know.  […]

Time Management Facts that You Cannot Overlook

In today’s podcast, you can see how important your time is your success in brokerage sales and leasing.  You can also see the importance of your time in property management (albeit different).  Take the ideas from today’s program and modify how you do things each day so you get better results with the things that […]


How to Get More Done in One Week in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When you look at commercial real estate brokerage, there are things that you can focus on to build momentum in sales and leasing.   Ultimately, everything that you do in the industry is personally activated and optimized.  How you do that requires thought and planning.  This chart will help you with that ‘decision process’. Don’t start […]


What Everyone Needs to Know About Priorities in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

It is so easy to get distracted and diverted from important tasks in commercial real estate brokerage.  People want your time, your comments, and your focus.   The more listings you get and also clients to serve, the pressures then escalate.  Time is your most valuable resource and it simply cannot be wasted.  Every working day […]

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How to Work Ahead of Deadlines in Sales – Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate sales, there are plenty of deadlines to work to as a property is prepared for listing, marketing, and negotiation.  When you have a good number of active listings, the deadlines can then become frequent and frustrating.  In saying that, you cannot be successful as an agent or broker, without working to […]


4 Ways to Refocus Your Commercial Real Estate Business

There will always be challenges in commercial real estate brokerage, across sales, leasing, and property management.  Those challenges will be both personal and brokerage related; you work in the middle of a churning and changing property market, so adjust and stay on track through all transactional pressures and shifts.   Frustrations will always evolve when […]

How to Best Use Your Time in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Sales

It is all too easy to waste time in commercial real estate brokerage.  There are so many things happening each day that threaten the focus of even the most diligent of agents.  Loss of focus leads to a loss of client contact, market share, and commissions.  I guess you know the importance of these things?  […]


Tips to Avoid Time Wasting in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are some things that you must do yourself and those things cannot typically be delegated.  In simple terms, you must get involved with your property market in a complete and thorough way; you must know the people and the businesses in the location.   Don’t procrastinate, but get involved […]

The Things I Have Learned About in Setting Priorities in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In working in commercial real estate in your town or city, you will soon understand that you can be very busy in many different ways. The important thing here is that you are setting the right priorities and choosing the right tasks to work on every day.  The right tasks are those that can lead […]

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