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Strategy Mindmap for Top Agents

Staying ahead of the competition in the fast-paced world of commercial real estate requires strategic planning, effective networking, and honing essential skills. The key to commercial real estate agent success is increasing market share and listing momentum. This article and mindmap chart by John Highman delves into critical strategies for achieving these objectives and rising […]

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Top Apex Agent Chart

There is no need to struggle in a commercial real estate agency as an agent or salesperson. Do you want to be an ‘Apex Agent’ for your location and property specialty? Here’s the facts to consider. Those that struggle typically have a single, glaring issue with their activities. There is no procedure for them to […]

The Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Key Performance Indicators that Matter

Here is a chart and article that explains and supports the logic and importance of Key Performance Indicators in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage.   Here below is a chart for our eCourse friends in Snapshot. There are always opportunities around in sales, leasing, and property management. The issues that you track and manage will help […]

The 4 Secrets of Top Agent Performance in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Top agents and top brokers are a breed unto themselves.  They create their success and momentum through deliberate efforts.  It is a formula to be respected, replicated and refined. Here below is a Top Agent Infographic to help you work on self-improvement in commercial real estate brokerage. Top Agent Focus Infographic It’s the time of […]


Top Agent Dynamics Wall-chart Download for Brokers

Every now and then it pays to sit back and analyse what makes up the actions of a top real estate agent in today’s commercial property market.  There are many qualities to consider and all of them are important in one way or another. I spent some time talking to a group of agents recently […]


Top Commercial Broker System Wall-chart Download

Here is a ‘Top Agent System’ special free wall-chart download for all my Commercial Real Estate Broker and Agent friends.  In this market today it is easy to get distracted at a personal level taking you away from key issues.  To help with that I have split up a number of important factors in a […]

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