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The Important Tasks in a Commercial Real Estate Brokers Day

Its very easy to get distracted and diverted in commercial real estate brokerage.  There are plenty of people around who want to take some of your time.  Given that you are working with many listings and clients, the telephone will ring or you will get a series of emails each day that will demand your attention.  The problem here is that diversions lead to loss of focus and inevitably lower listing conversions and commissions.

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You have also probably experienced the pressure of regular team meetings and issues that pull you back into the office when you should be out in your territory meeting people.  Here are some facts that you must remember in your career as a broker or an agent:

  • Control your time before other people try to do so
  • Spend the first part of your business day in business generation
  • The last part of your business day can be devoted to the administrative things that have to be done
  • Start your day early (around 7am)

So these rules are easy to remember and implement.

Here is a simple special fact sheet to help you remain on task in your commercial real estate career.

special report about commercial real estate broker tasks
Get your real estate tasks under control and take the right action.

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