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When it comes to winning sales listings in commercial real estate today, the best way to do so is from a base of facts.  Those facts are then relevant and specific solutions that you know are aligned to the client’s property situation and challenge.  They should be specifically matched to the location, the client and their property in today’s market.

The facts on this have been well proven.  The more precise that you can be as an agent with your ‘solution based’ recommendations to your client, the better it is for you; that is in potentially winning the business.  A professional agent provides solid solutions as part of showing the client that they understand the property, the local area, and the market.

Too many agents think that they must discount fees or provide free marketing to win a listing with a client. That is not the way to do things, and the approach will only frustrate creating enquiry and or attracting negotiations.  Clients want results; they don’t want freebies.  Align your client engagement processes accordingly.  Get your sales pitch aligned to solutions and local property facts.


Your Property Solutions Plan

Here are ways to take this further:


  1. Provide some clear ways to revolve enquiry problems – ultimately every property needs enquiry, and there must be a way to achieve that if you want a positive property result for the client. Look at the property and the local area.  Determine how the competing properties today could be attracting enquiry locally and if you think they are effective in that.  Are there ways you can replicate the enquiry process or marketing position?  Can you do things with your listing that will boost enquiry?  More importantly, can you pull enquiry away from other local listings towards your property listing?  You will likely need some target marketing solutions to achieve that.
  2. Show how you can market the property into the local area – most buyers of commercial, retail and industrial property will come from the local area. Those people in that zone understand the property location and are fully prepared to act on a listing if it is ‘quality’.
  3. Clearly defining the known hurdles and show strategies and resolutions – most properties will have strengths and weaknesses to work with. As the ‘agent of choice’, you can show the client how you are going to achieve that. Be careful here though, in that some property weaknesses can be too difficult, and they may require resolve before you go to marketing and start the local area campaign.  Look at the property from a ‘buyers’ perspective.
  4. Give reasons why you are choosing the right method of marketing – don’t just promote any property in a generic way (unless it is an open listing). Be very specific and particularly so with your exclusive listings.  If you are one of a few agents talking to the client today as they make their listing choices, you want your marketing approach to standing out as strong and relevant.  How can you do that?  Have your solutions well set.
  5. Give strategies as to how you will be attracting offers from qualified buyers – the offer and negotiation process is always important, and it takes specific effort with most listings to get a negotiation underway. Think about your strategies and how you can make them work for the property and the client.  Specific solutions will help you in getting greater results.

These then are specific solutions to work with given your sales listings. They will help you boost your results and conversions for your clients.  That is then a good thing for all involved, including your commissions and market share.

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