When you start your career in commercial real estate, the opportunity of the industry is quite apparent. You can see on the ‘horizon’ plenty of listings and lots of commissions. Whilst the vision is not unrealistic, the distance between you and the horizon can be significant and usually is. There are a lot of ‘dead ground patches’ to cover and a few mountains to climb before the results will come your way. Anything worthwhile is worth the effort and commercial real estate is like that. You can fast track the process if you develop the right skills. You have the key to this.

When it comes to a sales environment like commercial real estate, many people talk about the requirement of motivation and focus. The words are so simple, yet the discipline required is significant. The one thing that would make your entire career come together in a positive way whilst linking motivation and focus positively is the use of a ‘daily system’.

In basic terms, it is good practice to have a daily system of certain things that can make a lot of difference in your business and market place. If you can do these things every day, then you will find the property market opportunities that you need. You have to know what these things are and then action them.

Breaking old habits in our workplace is really hard and that is why so many salespeople struggle to change. They have had years of doing things one way and fail to realize that the reason they find the market and their career so tough now is that they have failed to change and adjust.

So the clear message here is that you have to change if you want better results. Exactly who is in charge? Who can make the decisions here? I think you know the answers.

So what are some of the key things that most commercial property people should so every day? Here are my 3 or 4, and you can see if they match or help your situation.

  • Prospect for listings
  • Connect with your clients
  • Market property
  • Find buyers and tenants

These simple things when actioned every day will make a massive difference in your career, and the change can be quite rapid. At a time when the property market is slow and tough, the basics come back to real importance. Taking each of these 4 items that I have mentioned, there are some skills to develop and utilise and that is part of the process. Improve your skills in each of the 4 focus items.

So how do you do all this? Start your day with the first item on the list, and then move to the second, then the third and so on. Tomorrow you move back to item 1 and start again; importantly you move through the items in order and consistently so.

Time is the main thing that can change everything for you. How you use your time is up to you in your career but if you develop your system then you can get somewhere. Respect yourself and respect how you use your time.