How You Can be Tapping the Opportunity in Commercial Property Advertising

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In commercial real estate brokerage (sales or leasing), you should track the newspaper listings for all properties advertised in your town or city. The tracking process allows you to understand the promotional messages used by other brokers and agents, and assess the results with competing listings. In doing this, you will soon see how successful…

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Accurate Methods of Recording Results in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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As a broker in commercial real estate today you really do need to look into your activities within your property speciality, listings, and new business activity. You should understand where you are positioned when it comes to today’s property market for the location.   An awareness of your position will allow you to make adjustments…

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Client Contact Close Up – Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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When you really understand the commercial real estate business, you will appreciate the value of particular clients to the commissions and listings that you really require. If you have spent the time in growing your client list and relationships over the years, you will find that the leads and opportunities tend to flow back to…

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Simple Formulas to Follow with Prospecting Letters in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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In commercial real estate brokerage, you should be sending out plenty of prospecting letters in a regular ongoing way if you are running a new business program. In saying that, every letter should be followed up with a direct telephone call to the person concerned.   (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to regularly…

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How to Make Commercial Property Management the Sharp End of Your Brokerage Business

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Commercial property management is not just about collecting the rent.  It’s about looking for ‘issues’ and resolving them before they impact the property.  Every property will have ‘issues’ for identification and resolve.  That is where we ‘value add’. (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to regularly to our friends in Commercial Real Estate Online…

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5 Ways to Revitalize Your Commercial Brokerage Career

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When you look at your career in commercial property, things should be moving ahead for you in a planned and regular way.  If things are a bit of a struggle, then it is time to restructure and refocus. (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to regularly to our friends in Commercial Real Estate Online…

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A Comprehensive Inspection Process for Listing Commercial or Industrial Property – Report

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When you inspect a commercial property in preparation for listing, there are many issues to look into and understand.  Failure to investigate the property fully can be the start of an error or omission.  Every property will have ownership and title issues to look into.  A property negotiation can stall if all of the correct…

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The Time Management Rules of Top Commercial Agents

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In commercial real estate brokerage, each day many people will ask for a slice of your time for reasons that are important to them but not necessarily beneficial to you. Before you agree to have a meeting or devote time to a particular task or request from others, make sure that the potential results and…

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How to Crank Up Your Client Income Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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When you work with investors in commercial or retail property investment, you will know the high regard that they have for rental growth and stability over time.  You can use that focus to build your business and client list. So what do your clients really want with their property performance?  Every tenant mix decision and…

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How to Counteract on Vacancy Threats in Commercial Leased Property

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In every commercial or retail property you have to watch the vacancy levels in the asset and formulate plans early to resolve or counteract vacancies that may be coming up.  The landlord as your client does not need a declining income return or a threat of increasing vacancy. What can you do? So you have…

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Clear Cut Facts to Simplify Your Commercial Real Estate Career

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Think about the last 5 days in your working life.  How did those days transpire?  Could they have been better?  If you are like most people, there will be things that you will remember that really achieved nothing for you; in fact, they probably gave you no benefit at all. In commercial real estate brokerage,…

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Overcoming Stress and Downturns in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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The commercial property industry is just like any other sales related career. You can be swamped and stressed by the pressures of performance and opportunity. Without a plan of attack and a consistent strategy towards new business development, it is very likely that you will struggle, and that can only lead to a downturn in…

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How to Take Control of Your Commercial Property Management Career and Future

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Commercial and retail property management are special parts of the property investment industry. They require special approach and therefore the right people with the knowledge and commitment to produce good results across the property types and the locations.   Rarely will you find a sales experienced person taking up a role in commercial or retail…

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5 Steps to Goal Setting in Commercial Property Investment Sales

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If you want to get anywhere fast in commercial investment sales, it is best to do a good degree of market research and then set your goals for action.  Failure to understand what is going on locally with the investment market segments, can see you lose precious time and waste resources. (N.B. these ideas are…

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The Key Performance Indicators in Commercial Property Management

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In commercial property management today, there are many important things to track across issues relating to tenants, leases, maintenance, and financial performance of the property. Note you can get our free special reports, charts, and templates here by email. In this special report about ‘Commercial and Retail Property Management Performance‘ you can understand just what…

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