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When you work as an Agent or Broker in Commercial or Retail property leasing, you will get calls from all types of tenants looking for premises and places to operate their business from.  The central focus in taking property inquiry is to get to the key issues of property changeover.  Asking the right questions in a meaningful way will help you shortlist the properties to show those tenants.

I have created this special wall chart in A3 format and PDF layout for you to place by the telephone or put in your Marketing folder.

The chart has been split into the main points to question and collate as you talk to the tenant about relocation needs.

Perhaps you can add to the chart. 🙂

Feel free to share the chart around your peers and fellow brokers or agents in your brokerage.

I welcome your comments below.



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    • MANEE

      Thanks for your sharing know how. This is very very useful for me. It will help me to get more understanding on leasing.

      Sincerely yours,

      • admin

        Thank you for the comments. There are many other charts on the site if you look around. Thanks for being part of the online community.

      • admin

        Happy to help. Glad to know you can use the information.

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