4 Cold Calling Tips for Commercial Real Estate Brokers Today

Cold calling is one of those things that many agents and brokers hate.  They simply don’t have the skills and or discipline to get the process under control.  That one simple fact leaves a lot of new business ‘on the table’ for those brokers that can master the art of contact prospecting.

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I believe in simplicity so I have broken down the contact process into 3 simple facts here in this special fact sheet.  Don’t complicate the process of new business generation; just follow these simple rules.  Beyond that point it is just a matter of practice and commitment.  Are you up to the challenge of using the telephone as part of your prospecting model?

Look at your property market for what it is today, taking into account the current sales and leasing activity.  Where will the market segments be growing?  You must shape your prospecting model into the future of your property market by talking to the right people in a relevant way.  Understand where the popular precincts are and what the business leaders and investors think about occupation and investment.

You can get the prospecting model and fact sheet right here.

cold calling secrets
The 4 simple ideas that really matter in commercial property and real estate prospecting.



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