5 Ways to Create Highly Effective Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Websites

In commercial real estate brokerage today your website is becoming a critical part of your business activities.  Far too many agents and brokers rely on just the industry portals for listing placement and listing enquiry.  Those portals are only a part of the marketing equation; to make matters worse, those industry portals are controlled by other people and conglomerates that can be expensive and inflexible when it comes to property marketing.  There are many other things to do on-line that will allow you to improve your property enquiry for quality listings.  Set up a direct on-line marketing campaign.

Here is a troubling fact; most commercial real estate web sites are bland and boring.  That is because they are designed on a similar model to all of the others in the industry, and they are not updated regularly.  The best websites create interest and attract inquiry; your website needs to stand out as both specialized and informational from a location point of view.

Given that the internet today is taking over the majority of listing enquiry and marketing activities, now is a good time to consider the web site strategies that you are using.  There are some things that you can do that are both cost effective and simple to implement.  Set your own internet marketing rules in commercial real estate.

Here are some of those tips to help you improve your on-line profile and your website structure.

  1. The home page for your website should be based on simplicity of message and navigation.  Ensure that the home page is simplified so that most of the content is viewable on the computer screen when the page loads.  Lengthy home pages that require extensive scrolling and drop down incur greater bounce rates pushing people away through lack of interest and involvement.
  2. Search engines today prefer websites that are constantly active and content rich.  Ask yourself why any person would visit your website.  A website that is highly specialized and localized will usually attract far more attention than something that is generically structured.  Let’s say that you are a retail property specialist.  On that basis your website will contain retail listings for sale and lease.  It may also contain retail property management information.  That is where many brokerages end the level of ‘valuable’ website input.  You can of course do many other things beyond this point and most particularly you can insert a blog structure into your website.  On a regular weekly basis you can load a number of blogs to the site based on your retail property speciality.  Soon the search engines will see this greater level of activity and content rich information.  That process will help you with search engine exposure and ranking.
  3. Wherever possible use professional photographs for your listings.  In the case of exclusive listings, professional photographs should always be taken.  A commercial real estate website that features quality photographs will always convert higher levels of enquiry.
  4. Within the website you can have a number of specific landing pages for special factors or activities within your property market.  Those landing pages should be written for the specific topic or point of marketing.  You can for example have dedicated pages’ for special projects, locational sales, locational leasing, property management services, or local market activity.  Within a top grade website, it is not unusual to have 10 or 12 specific landing pages to attract more people to the site.  On each of the landing pages you can have a database capture point for visitors to the site.  Offer a special report based on the local area as part of the person exchanging their Email contact details.
  5. Refresh your listings frequently.  The wordage for each of your listings should be changed at least monthly.  The wordage for your exclusive listings should vary across the industry portals and your company website.  In this way you will attract more search engine exposure and potential interest from sellers, buyers, and tenants as the case may be.

So there are plenty of things that can be done to improve your online website exposure in commercial real estate brokerage.  When you understand the simple rules, you can set some strategies in motion that will help the levels of enquiry coming from the Internet to your business and to yourself.

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