book about Commercial Real Estate Leasing

7 Essential Commercial Property Leasing Strategies

Commercial leasing is one of those things where it puts us in contact with landlords in a valuable ongoing way.  The tenant database that you are nurturing and growing now will help greatly with landlord services in leasing and tenant mix optimization.  In any larger property, the process of tenant selection should not be looked at singularly.  So, there are some opportunities here.

If I was starting over in commercial property brokerage again, I would spend lots of time working with landlords to help improve property performance and tenant mix outcomes.  From there, I know that sale listings and larger leasing listings would follow.  (NB – if you want to get more leasing tips you can do so in Snapshot right here – its free)


The Leasing Focus?

Today, I like to spend 2 hours talking to people on the telephone every day; that’s with landlords and tenants.  I know that new business will be on the telephone calls that I make; that then means more sales and larget leasing projects.  Why is the telephone so important in discussing leasing?  It can help you:

  • Converse professionally
  • Build rapport with key people
  • Talk about tenant and lease choices
  • Find ways of improving property and rental strategies
  • Talk to landlords about vacancies, and rental strategies
  • Talk to tenants in a deep way about occupancy

So, I guess you know that I like commercial and retail leasing.   This topic leads me to the key factors that are in this mini book.   I hope you enjoy the read.

book about commercial property leasing
Mini book about Commercial Real Estate Leasing by John Highman.

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