A Guide to Client Growth in Commercial Real Estate

When you want to build a real estate business, you will soon know everything hinges on clients and property ownership. To get client growth underway, you need a plan or blueprint approach to connect with more people.

In today’s article, we share a chart of client categories and questions. You can build a database or customer list from these ideas.

What we have done in the chart layout is to split up all the client-related aspects of brokerage so you can see the ‘bigger picture’.

business woman success
Connections are personally important to brokerage results.

Your Contact Blueprint

You can, of course, optimise your system of approach with the quality and types of people that you believe are your best sources of new business over time. You can download the chart below.

Every real estate agent should have a client contact strategy, and this chart will help with that approach. Given that the real estate market is changing substantially worldwide, client lists will become the foundation of new business over time. Every agent needs a good client list as the foundation of real estate connections.

brokerage client contact chart
Special brokerage chart for client and customer contact planning.

Developing Client Focus

Client contact is a vital aspect of commercial real estate brokerage. It is the foundation of building trust, rapport and loyalty with potential and existing clients.

Client contact involves communicating regularly and effectively with clients, understanding their needs and preferences, providing relevant information and advice, and delivering exceptional service and results.

Client contact can benefit commercial real estate brokers in many ways. It can help them to:

  • Generate more leads and referrals
  • Increase their market share and reputation
  • Establish long-term relationships and repeat business
  • Enhance their professional image and credibility
  • Create more opportunities for cross-selling and upselling
  • Improve their negotiation and closing skills
  • Boost their client satisfaction and retention rates
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Be Strategic and Connect

Commercial real estate brokers must develop a strategic and systematic approach to client contact to achieve these benefits. They need to:

  • Identify their target market and ideal clients
  • Segment their client database and prioritise their contacts
  • Plan and schedule their client contact activities and follow-ups
  • Use various methods and channels of communication, such as phone calls, emails, newsletters, social media, etc.
  • Tailor their messages and offers to suit each client’s situation and goals
  • Track and measure their client contact performance and outcomes
  • Seek feedback and testimonials from their clients
  • Maintain a high level of professionalism, ethics and integrity

By following these steps, commercial real estate brokers can leverage the power of client contact to grow their business and achieve success in the competitive industry.

business men negotiating at table
Build your real estate business from connections

Real Estate Chart Download

Download this chart to ensure that you have all the issues covered in your real estate business.

Some client challenges involve researching the right people and then identifying how you can contact them. So, it is not just a matter of knowing who you want to connect with and why, but also how the contact process can occur and how you can add value to any connection.

In the chart, we cover the more significant issues of client contact and then break them down into subsets of questions and focus points.

Check all of them out in the chart. It is fully downloadable in PDF format.

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