Ways of Crushing the Competition in Real Estate

Given that every property market is busy and competitive today, how do you see your position as a local real estate agent? Can you improve things with your real estate business? Or do you want to?

These are vital questions to think about in this ever-changing property market. Each year and through the year, the property market is changing for buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants.

Crushing the real estate competition is all about doing more of the right things regularly and building a real estate business brand for yourself that is hard for others to compete with or challenge.

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Agent Strategies

Here are some questions and ideas for your real estate business. Use some of the ideas to broaden your property market profile.

1. Other Agents Listings

This is an excellent place to start if you want more listing stock. Perhaps the strategy is something you have not thought about, so let’s explain.

It is not the issue of approaching the property owners behind the other agents’ listing boards. Instead, it is a strategy of connecting with the property owners in the exact location of a property that another agent is already marketing.

The fact that you can explore is that many other property owners in the same location as the other agent’s property listing are likely to think about selling in competition.

The other agent’s signboard is a reason to ask all those nearby property owners about their property needs and intentions. You become an agent in competition, using the leverage of other agents’ boards to talk to local people.

2. Other Agents Clients

Many agents are not diligent enough in serving their clients today. Set a real estate contact strategy that merges other agents’ clients into your contact cycles.

Your contact cycles can include telephone calls, email PDF reports, property market updates, sale case studies, and local leasing services. You can have four or more ‘touch points’ to use in your contact cycles.

Make that process comprehensive and complete. Make it regular and professional. Be seen as an agent who is professional and thorough in ongoing contact.

3. Better Real Estate Services

When you get a new listing, use that listing to talk to many local people on the telephone and through ‘door knocking’.

Most agents don’t do enough of that, so listings can be found if you establish your activities around ‘contact’ processes. Create better direct marketing practices that can apply to every listed property (with a bias towards exclusive listings).

Soon, other local property owners will see what you have done with your recent listings and want to do the same with their property.

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Simple Strategies: Results-Driven

These are three simple strategies that can create more listings for you in comprehensive ways. To crush the real estate competition, it is all about what you say and who you connect with.

Create conversations regularly, and soon, you will see your real estate business opportunities grow.

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