How to Leverage Data and Technology to Boost Your Real Estate Performance

Elevate your real estate market share as a commercial real estate pro. Take steps forward towards a plan involving people and properties.

In every location and every property market, there are people to find and connect with. Some properties present challenges to their owners. That is where you can help.

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Agent Power Moves

Here are some strategies to help you create power moves as an agent in your location. You can generate plenty of conversations in your real estate business with these strategies.

You can add to the list based on your preferred property types and the real estate market.

1. Local Property History

The history of property transactions in your area can teach you a lot. Understand where properties are selling and buying (and why), as well as where other properties may need leasing assistance.

Landlords always require help with leasing, tenancy mix activities, and ongoing occupancy. Add to that the difficulties of establishing a market rental, and you have a leasing service that you can offer to landlords in your area.

When you engage with more landlords, you create the opportunity for sales at a later time.

2. Historic Sales Activity

Every month, look for properties sold or purchased about three years ago. Those properties and the people involved with them are likely to go on the market again soon with another property requirement.

It is relatively easy to find historic sales records of this type. Then, it is a simple matter to build your canvassing records from the property research.

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Build your contact system

3. Priority People and Properties

If you look at your area and territory, where are the best properties, and who are the best people involved in property ownership or development?

Those properties and people can form the basis of a VIP list in your real estate business. It is the repeat business and higher-quality properties that you are looking for. Your VIP list can be built around that.

4. Connection Frequency

When you connect with plenty of people each day, it will become evident that some people may not want to do something with property today, but they will act on an opportunity or change in the future.

That is where it is wise to think about client connection methods and contact cycles. At a minimum, talk to everyone in your database at least once every 90 days.

From that contact frequency, you will create an identity with those people and improve the chances of them seeking you out when they have a new property need or challenge.

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Create your checklist system

Simple Strategies Work

So these are the ‘power moves’ of top agents in seeking out new real estate business. With simple strategies like these, you will find the listings you seek.

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