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Simple Client Contact Funnel

I get asked a lot about client acquisition and real estate listing strategies. The new real estate cycle is upon us and strategies should be implemented to connect with new people.

History leaves ‘clues’ when it comes to finding clients and prospects. The key fact to observe here is that those in commercial real estate who don’t prospect enough will always have trouble finding real estate clients and making a profit. So, what do you do?

Easy and Simple Focus

The solution is easy, but some agents are looking for a solution in all the wrong places.

Everything in real estate is personal. All your systems should centre around that. It’s your actions that matter when it comes to progress.

Client Contact system

Keeping Brokerage Personal

In reality, real estate prospecting is a personal thing and simple to implement on an individual level. Yet it can be challenging for the vast majority of agents to maintain over time. Habits are important for all real estate agents today.

Establishing momentum and bulding any system is the fundamental rule to focus on. Don’t let all your efforts be destroyed by a lack of focus and discipline.

With time and awareness, you can turn your real estate business around and thrive as an agent.

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