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When leasing commercial property today, you have two directions in which you can head. You can just rent out the empty space, or you can take the whole property and the mix of tenants into account.

The second option is better because those things can help the landlord get the most out of his or her property. You can also generate more leasing fees for yourself.

So the idea in a tenant mix service and analysis is that you can select tenants for filling a vacancy based on these things:

  • The design of the property
  • The existing lease profiles
  • Upcoming expiry dates and options in the property
  • The tenants in the property now
  • The investment targets of the landlord
  • The prevailing market circumstances
  • The structure of the lease to be used
  • The type of tenant and their business focus
  • The competing properties in the location
  • Existing market rents

The good thing about all of this is that a tenant mix service for landlords will become a valuable part of your leasing services. So you are looking at the entire asset and the tenants in that location, rather than just leasing one premise. Choose the best tenants for the existing vacancy.

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