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It is easy to get ‘swamped’ by diversions in commercial real estate brokerage. Every day people want to talk to you and the ‘goalposts’ move, whether you like it or not. In sales, leasing, or property management, the variable pressures of the working day apply.

Don’t let the diversions take you away from your real estate business success. Keep on task. There is a ‘business tool’ for that.

Sometimes the ‘goalposts’ move for good reasons, and others not so. Here below is a special and simple brokerage form for you to use.

Complete the Form Each Friday Afternoon

To put some focus in your real estate business, fill out the key issues on Friday for your coming week. What are the ‘big rocks’ that you must lift and resolve in your working day or week coming up?

What are those key issues that you want to resolve? You will know that they are, but most importantly they should be the issues that grow your client base, transaction activity, and potential new business. Here is the form for you to use. It is a simple PDF download, so click on the image for download access. Enjoy the control and focus it gives you.

brokerage activities for real estate agents
Brokerage form for commercial real estate agent focus.

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