Attitude and Not Ego Wins More Listings in Commercial Real Estate Agency

In commercial real estate agency you see a variety of salespeople in the market.  Some have big ‘egos’ whilst others have ‘attitude’.  Don’t confuse the two as they can be and usually are very different.

As agents and salespeople we need degrees of personal confidence to help us with the challenges of the job and the property market.  The real confidence comes from understanding the market, the property type and the solutions that can be offered to a client.  When you have this confidence it helps you greatly with converting your prospects to clients; your solutions in marketing, inspecting, and negotiating are clearer and simpler.  That makes it easy for the client to list with you and your agency.

Ego’s on the other hand are counterproductive and can emerge when a salesperson has had some degree of success and attracted a market share.  Don’t let your ‘ego’ feed into the market and your client or customer connections.  The sales and prospecting process today is ‘client oriented’ and some experienced clients will walk away from an agent that has an ‘ego’ of self-importance.

The client must trust you and understand your relevance before you will win the deal or opportunity.  They must see the real benefit that you bring to their property challenge.  Your solution must be the best.

Consider the following questions:

  • Why should someone use you as an agent?
  • Why would you do a better job on the listing than another agent?
  • What do you know about the market that can help your clients?
  • What benefits will your database of qualified contacts bring to the client?
  • What marketing efforts can you implement that are better than any others available?
  • What extra effort will you put into the clients property challenge?
  • How will you list, inspect, market, and negotiate the property for the client to produce the best result?

When you have the answers to these questions you have the basis to confidently connect with a positive attitude with your clients.  That process will help you win the listing.  You can merge these issues into your sales pitch and presentations.  So this is where ‘attitude’ comes into the client presentation and agent equation.  You can have the ‘attitude’ to get the job done.  That is what the client is looking for.

When you consider the above issues it is easy to see that you cannot nor would you take all of these extra steps on an ‘open’ listing.  You need an ‘exclusive’ and controlled listing to do the job to such an extent.

When you really understand these facts you will have the foundations set for converting more ‘exclusive’ listings from your presentations.  That is a good thing.  You can then control your market more effectively and grow market share as an agent.

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