Commercial Agents – Solution Providers Win More Commercial Real Estate Listings

Have you ever asked yourself why top agents get more of the commercial real estate business?  In your property market you would know some agents that are significantly more successful at attracting the quality listings and converting the sales and the leases.  It is not so much the ‘agency’ that you should look at with this, but the ‘individuals’ that work within the agency.

They win the new listings and the new business for one key reason.  It is mainly because they are recognised as a top ‘solution provider’.  The client can see and accept that the agent really does have the right solutions to solve the property pain they are experiencing.  They have the belief and the trust in the agent to take the matter forward.

So here are a couple of questions for you.  Make your single choice:

  • Are you a great marketer of commercial real estate?
  • Are you a very good solution provider for your clients?

What would you rather be?

The answer is quite simple.  You can be a great marketer and still make only a few sales and leases.  So many other things come into the equation.

If you want to win more of the quality listings and the new commercial real estate business in your local area you really do need to be a top ‘solution provider’.  That’s where the ‘belief’ factor kicks in and helps the client make a final choice on listing the property and moving ahead.

In any property presentation, the top agents or ‘solution providers’ in commercial real estate are matched to their market, the property and the client.  It’s not ‘rocket science’ but it is a very focused approach.

Here are some ‘solutions’ you can consider and solve.  You can market and pitch your services to any or all of them:

  • Finding buyers for a property
  • Finding tenants for a property
  • Establishing a better market rent
  • Improving the net income for the property and the client
  • Negotiating a difficult lease
  • Marketing a large and complex new property development
  • Optimising income for the landlord
  • Managing difficult tenants
  • Turning around a challenging vacant property

Now you may say that this sounds logical, but I know for a fact that most agents do not pitch and present their services on specific solutions; they do something that is very generic and bland.  Then they wonder why some other agent won the listing!  You have to impress the client!  They need to believe that you are the best solution provider and totally committed to solving their property pain.

If you say that you are the best agent to find the buyers for a property, then prove it!  Tell the client exactly where you see the property in today’s market and where the buyers are for it right now.  Then you tell the client exactly how you will personally encourage the best market penetration and inspection potential. 

Put the client in the picture and make sure they believe you.  That’s how you become a top agent.  You cannot be that way without some real pitch preparation and a lot of practice.  Now it’s time to take action!

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